Young People’s Music Festival

The Hamdon Community Arts Project is hosting a Young People’s Music Festival on Saturday 3rd February at 7pm.

Come and Listen to Young People Showcasing their Musical Ability in Concert. Awards given to everybody taking part. Admission Free. Donations to the Arts Project invited. Refreshments and Raffle.

The Hamdon Community Arts Project is located in the former United Reform Church in North Street. For more information contact Alan On 01935 579 730. Any Young Musicians 18 years and under Who would like to take part phone Alan. Click the image to view the poster.


February Message from Cath Holloway, the Village Agent

Not sure who to turn to? Village Agents are a charity that work with individuals and social groups to give confidential support and advice. We can enable people to be more independent in their home, manage personal finances, care for family members and advise on just about anything! You can find Cath at local coffee mornings and events. Call and email me. (Enable Javascript to see the email address) 07968521746

Long dark days with lots of time to fill?
Have you thought about what might happen if you suddenly passed away? Have you left your finances and final wishes in order?

It may feel like a tedious and rather gloomy job so why not do it now before the days get longer and more enjoyable. The daffodils are coming up already!

Make sure you have left a note of all your passwords, passport number, official documents and useful information somewhere safe where your relatives know to access it. A metal box will make it more flood and fire proof and a set of copies somewhere else is even better!

Paying for your funeral in advance is one way of sharing your funds with your family without needing to worry about “deprivation of funds” for care and inheritance tax purposes. You buy your funeral at today’s prices but you secure the services for the future. You can ensure your wishes are met and reduce financial and organisational pressure when you pass away.

A will doesn’t need to cost a fortune and there is support on how to write a free one should you prefer to do so. Some charities such as British Legion will support you with this for a donation. It is important to do this so you decide who gets your property not the state and it reduces the inheritance tax paid on a property. You can begin by making a list of your possessions and what you would like to happen to them at any point.

If you suffer from a deteriorating condition, you can instruct a “Lasting Power of Attorney” to allow the person of your choice to support you in handling your affairs. You can make the decision whilst you are still able and so ensure that your wishes are met.

Don’t forget that we could all be caught in an accident at any time so we all need to do this if we have property or / and dependents. Don’t forget to consider how you feel about organ donation too.

There is a booklet available, called “Planning Ahead” designed by the NHS with a beautiful bluebell wood on the front to cheer you up when thinking about such things. It supplies all the details and provides you with a need place to list your wishes and details. They are available in NHS settings and we have some available too. The Money Advice Service on the internet has lots of information. You can go to the library to access it if you don’t have the internet at home.

How to get urgent health care at the weekends this winter

The pressure on the NHS this year has been widely documented. The recommendation is to avoid going to accident and emergency and also to consult your pharmacist as an alternative.

The NHS have a website with much information, including when to call 111. This is the NHS non-emergency number, it is fast, easy and free. When you call 111 you will speak to a highly trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals. They will ask you a series of questions to assess your symptoms and immediately direct you to the best medical care. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

I hope this will leave you feeling prepared and ready to enjoy spring it is almost here!



Arc Homes application refused !

Arc Homes, the developers at the Stanchester site (Shuldam’s Fields), recently put in an application to the District Council to be released from building six affordable housing units and from paying a developer’s contribution of just over £110,000 towards community facilities. Their reason was that the site is commercially unviable.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that the District’s Area North Committee have supported our village in rejecting this application. We had always maintained a very strong opposition to Arc Homes’ attempt to be relieved of community responsibility. We attended the Committee meeting on Wednesday 27 September to speak on behalf of our residents and to put forward our technical reasons why this application should be refused. Our new statement can viewed by clicking here. We understand that the District took expert legal advice and research and as a result rejected Arc’s application.

A word of caution, before we all break open the champagne! Arc Homes have the right – and probably will – appeal against the decision. Area North form0ally advised Arc Homes that they expect them to consider re-negotiating the Section 106 obligation, rather than just appealing for the decision to be simply overturned, sending a very strong message to the developers that community interests are always important in new developments. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Parish Council is proud to have been part of such a very positive first step.

Barbara Brooks
Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council
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Sarah Moore
Parish Clerk
Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council
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