Castle Primary School is hosting a quiz night on Friday 11 May and teams of adults from the village are welcome to join us. A maximum of 6 members per team please. The cost is £5 per team member and this includes refreshments of either chilli or soup. The quiz starts at 7.30pm in the school hall.

The money raised will go towards playground equipment so come along and have some fun and help a good cause. (There are prizes too.)

Booking in advance is essential. Entry forms are available from the school office, by emailing elherrod at or phone/text 07801 282729.


April Message from Cath Holloway, the Village Agent

Not sure who to turn to? Village Agents are a charity that work with individuals and social groups to give confidential support and advice. We can enable people to be more independent in their home, manage personal finances, care for family members and advise on just about anything! You can find Cath at local coffee mornings and events. Call and email me. (Enable Javascript to see the email address) 07968521746

Last month I suggested talking in the library. This month I am suggesting talking to other people in café’s!

Community Council For Somerset have developed a range of cafes (our nearest is Street at the Bear Inn 10-1 every Monday) where you can get lots of useful information all in one place! There will be lots of people on hand who can give you advice from a range of professional agencies from health and care, to finance, in an informal, relaxed environment. Let me know if you would like to see a café coming to our area and with enough interest, we can organise one!

Don’t forget there is also a coffee morning in most of our villages, where you can come along for an informal chat and meet the neighbours. The times and dates of yours are in the parish magazine, or ask me as I can also try to organise some transport if you are struggling to get there under your own steam or need someone to introduce you for your first visit.

There are also some villages that have the support of a CAB member who will support with free advice. Martock, Somerton, Ilminster and Wincanton all have walk in CAB sessions.

Spring may be the time for a tidy and reorganise of the house. For some, this can be a struggle, either because you do not have the physical strength to clean and tidy or because it has got a bit on top of you and you don’t know where to begin. Sometimes you may just have so much super stuff, you don’t know how to organise it, or what to throw away or sell.

There are many online face book “buy and sell” groups which are great because you can see if anyone wants your things before you lug it to the car boot and try to sell. You can also advertise small items for free in the local newspapers.

There are people available to help you make the heart wrenching decision whether to save or sell, and also people who will help you with the physical clear out. Call me or google the Somerset micro provider list for ideas of people who can help.

Remember, however messy your house is, try to keep your escape routes clear including trip hazards on the stairs. The fire home safety service will be happy to support you with how to discover your escape routes and plan your de-clutter. Call them on 0800 05 02 999.
Alternatively, now that the weather is better, stay outside!



Arc Homes application refused !

Arc Homes, the developers at the Stanchester site (Shuldam’s Fields), recently put in an application to the District Council to be released from building six affordable housing units and from paying a developer’s contribution of just over £110,000 towards community facilities. Their reason was that the site is commercially unviable.

The Parish Council are pleased to announce that the District’s Area North Committee have supported our village in rejecting this application. We had always maintained a very strong opposition to Arc Homes’ attempt to be relieved of community responsibility. We attended the Committee meeting on Wednesday 27 September to speak on behalf of our residents and to put forward our technical reasons why this application should be refused. Our new statement can viewed by clicking here. We understand that the District took expert legal advice and research and as a result rejected Arc’s application.

A word of caution, before we all break open the champagne! Arc Homes have the right – and probably will – appeal against the decision. Area North form0ally advised Arc Homes that they expect them to consider re-negotiating the Section 106 obligation, rather than just appealing for the decision to be simply overturned, sending a very strong message to the developers that community interests are always important in new developments. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Parish Council is proud to have been part of such a very positive first step.

Barbara Brooks
Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council
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Sarah Moore
Parish Clerk
Stoke sub Hamdon Parish Council
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